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  2. Educational Booklet
  3. Recipe Book
  4. Publication from the Nutrition Month Malaysia- in collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia and the Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (Click HERE to access the below publication)
    • Year 2017- 'Eat Smart + Move More = Recipe for Healthy Families'
    • Year 2016- 'Eat Smart, Get Fit & Feel Great'
    • Year 2015- 'Makan Sihat, Kekal Aktif, Cegah dan Kawal Diabetes'
    • Year 2014- 'Makan Sihat, Bergerak Aktif, Cegah Obesiti'
    • Year 2013- 'Prevent NCDs: Stay Free From Diet-Related Diseases'
    • Year 2012- 'Family Nutrition Matters' and 'Tip Gaya Hidup Sihat: Panduan Pemakanan Praktikal Untuk Keluarga'
    • Year 2011- 'Wholesome Meal: Practical Recipes for Your Growing Child'
    • Year 2010- 'Smart Nutrition for Your Growing, Active Kids'
    • Year 2009- 'Raising Healthy Eater: Eat Well, Grow Well' and 'Easy Nutrition Planner for Caring Mums'
    • Tear 2008- 'Eat Right, Enjoy Life'