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MDA Membership Levels & Their Benefits
  Ordinary Member Student Member Associate Member
Announcements of special promotions via email
Notifications of new updates in MDA website via email
Access to clinical write-ups
Link and access to professional dietitian resources which includes Evidenced Analysis Library (EAL) from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) , e-updates & Diet Link
Receive special discounts to conferences and professional events
Voting rights at Annual General Meeting    
Eligible to receive awards/prizes   
Eligible to receive education grants    
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Past members looking to renew their membership for the year 2014 please click the appropriate button:

Student Member Ordinary Member Associate Member

Thank you for your interest to become a member of MDA. We would like to inform that different supporting documents are needed for the approval of different types of memberships. The Council shall decide on the approval of membership during Council Meetings and this shall take one month or longer depending on the frequency of the meetings. .

We thank you for your interest in our membership.