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Malaysian Dietitians' Association

Food & Nutrition

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Obesity and Fertility for Men and Women

Did you know that your weight can affect your fertility? If you or your partner is overweight or obese, you may have lower chances of getting pregnant. Studies have found that obesity may negatively affect fertility, not only in women but also men. In addition, an obese woman with an overweight or obese male partner

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Breastfeeding success

The Success of Breastfeeding: You, as both a Husband and Father, Matter!

Being both a husband and father, you might think that breastfeeding is a “women issue” which your wife should take the lead and does not concern you. However, as many researches have proven, you do play a vital role in the success of breastfeeding. This article will discuss your role, as a husband and father

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Get the Most Out of Your Training this Ramadhan

During the holy month of Ramadhan, Muslims are required to abstain not only from eating and drinking, but also from oral medications and intravenous fluids from dawn till sunset. For Muslim atheletes, training or competing without consuming food and fluids can be challenging and may compromise their performance. However, with the right nutrition strategies, they

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Keep Food Safe And Clean; Check Your Steps!

Home-cooked meals are the best way to ensure nutritious and cost-saving meals. However, food poisoning can happen anywhere including in your home. Illness-causing bacteria can survive in many places around your kitchen – breeding on your hands, utensils, and cutting boards. So how do you significantly reduce the chances of food poisoning? Here’s a checklist

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Food Safety In School Canteens

Incidents of food poisoning happens especially when kids consume food from school canteens as opposed to packed lunch from home. This is obviously a worry for most parents out there – is the school canteen providing clean, fresh food? Meftahuddin states in this issue of the MJM that the reported incidence rates of major food

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