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Celebrating Malaysian Dietitians' Day 2016

Sept 19th is the Malaysian Dietitians' Day. Please join us as individuals or groups to create greater impact.

This year, in line with the theme promoted by International Confederation of Dietetics Associations (ICDA), we celebrate Malaysian Dietitians' Day 2016 (MDD2016) with sustainable eating in mind. We encourage members to educate each others and the public on the importance of sustainability. As dietitians, we start from sustainable eating. We are eating for a greener future. We also heard from our members that this year we shall continue to bring in charitable activity while we celebrate. Click at the link below to access available resources:-

Registration is open. Sign up now! Signing up will allow us to send more information to you as a participants. Please click at the preferred category listed below to register:

Lastly, we welcome each individual, group or organization to support this year activity within own means. Remember to hashtag your social media posting with #MDD2016 #sustainableeating #MDA. We wish to spread the awareness about MDA and our profession.

Drop us an email ( if you have any enquiries. Thank you. 

Best Regards,
Ms. Ng Yee Voon
Malaysian Dietitians' Day 2016 Organising Chairlady
MDA Subcommittee Leader- Award, Scholarship & Grant
Council Member of the Malaysian Dietitians' Association (2015-2017)