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Strategic Plans 2014-2020

Vision (what we want to be)

To be advocators of nutrition and dietetics for the health and well-being of the nation

Mission (why we exist)

  • Actively advocate the principles of good nutrition and dietetics to the people through planned activities and via collaborations with professionals and organizations.
  • Support innovations, evidence-based practice and continual professional development of dietitians.
  • Provide Strategic leadership for the profession.

Aims and objectives (as per MDA Constitution)

  • To promote the professional practice of dietetics
  • To promote the study and understanding of the science of dietetics and allied fields
  • To encourage closer cooperation between members
  • To promote improvement in recruiting, training and conditions of employment of dietitians
  • To ensure that the profession is protected against persons who are untrained to practise as dietitians

Goals & strategies (what we must achieve for success)


Members regard MDA as important for professional development

Enhance the role and visibility of dietitians as food diet & nutrition experts

Improve professional standing of dietitians

Promote research to enhance professional practice


  1. Strengthen membership growth (Ordinary, Associate, and Student memberships)
  2. Provide relevant and valued  benefits to members
  3. Provide professional development opportunities for enhancing competencies
  4. Provide support  to the changing needs of members
  1. Work collaboratively with national and international committees on nutrition & dietetic related matters
  2. Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals and their organizations
  3. Enhance collaboration with food-related industry and other external stakeholders
  4. Increase accessibility of dietitians to the public
  1. Promote  safe and evidence-based practice in clinical, community and food service
  2. Promote self- regulation amongst members
  3. Empower members with leadership and mentoring capabilities
  4. Enhance employment opportunities and career advancement of dietitians
  1. Prepare members to contribute, conduct, interpret and use research in practice
  2. Promote sharing of research findings to be used in practice

Proposed activities

  1. Open Associate membership to other healthcare professionals
  2. Open international members
  3. List qualified degrees for Ordinary members
  4. Review membership benefits
  5. Regular CDEs , annual conference
  6. Create feedback channel for members’ views/ideas/suggestion
  7. Create MDA resources for members and public use
  1. Set up standard guidelines for working industry
  2. Representation in government committees
  3. Collaborate with medical & other HCP societies to enhance visibility
  4. MDA community outreach program
  5. Set up network of dietitians across country
  6. Participate at international scene – ICDA, AFDA, AODA
  7. Set up a team of dietitians who will be able to respond to nutrition related situations in the country in a timely fashion and be reachable by the media.
  1. Training workshops on how to formulate & apply evidence-based guidelines
  2. Set up scope of practice for dietitians & nutrition care process
  3. Certification & awards  to Ordinary members
  4. Promote & educate on Code of Ethics
  5. Implement CPD points
  6. Mentoring Program
  7. Undergraduate/ fresh graduate support program
  8. Working paper on salary scale of private dietitians
  9. Insurance coverage for dietetic services
  1. Research training workshops
  2. Provide  research grants
  3. Provide research awards
  4. MDA Journal